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Enneagram 4 Style Profile: The Fashion Individualist

What Does Your Enneagram Say About Your Personal Style?

Sydney Duncan Kaftan Dress V neck Lenzing Ecovero Retro Print

The Enneagram Four Fashion Personality

Synopsis: Edgy, eccentric, bold, eclectic, trend avoider

Enneagram four's collective creative contributions to the world are to be marveled at. Think Frida Kahlo, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp, and Rihanna, just to name a few famous enneagram fours. They are profoundly creative people, and fashion is just another opportunity to transform the everyday into art. They are compelled to both create beauty and immerse themselves in it.

As a four, you couldn't avoid trends more if you tried, preferring to be ahead of, or even “behind” your time (cue vintage). Anything is better than blending into the mainstream, and so you’d much rather take fashion risks than be boring. In fact, it would not be at all shocking for an individual with a type four or even wing 4 to find themself working in the fashion industry (wink).

For Enneagram four, your core identity is to be fully authentic and profoundly self expressive, through any and all means necessary. Truth is essential to life, and you feel that your truth is one that the world MUST recognize. Head turning style is simply another vessel to assure that this is so. You are an original, if there can be such a thing in a world full of billions of people, and you never allow the expectations of others to dull your brilliance.

Your personal style is a never ending evolution. You explore the depths of your inner self so thoroughly and fearlessly, that this outward change is inevitable. You may offend others along the way with how you present, style and otherwise, but the need to be honest in all that you do always outweighs the desire to people please.

When you encounter a four in the wild, you'll surely know it. They stand out shamelessly from the crowd with their bold silhouettes, exciting color combinations, and enviable accessories. You might think that they belong on a stage or in a movie, but no, generous four has brought this fashion show free to the people.

Enneagram Four Style Subtypes

The 4w3 Style Personality

Synopsis: Bold yet refined

For the artistically ambitious enneagram 4w3, every moment is an opportunity for aesthetic optimization, and you don’t miss a beat. While the enneagram four in itself is categorized by its whimsy, the wing three, commonly deemed “The Achiever” has a phenomenally grounding effect in a healthy individual. This often manifests in a more refined aspect to your sense of style, a business edge perhaps, and so your style becomes an invaluable asset in reaching for your ambitions.

The 4w5 Style Personality

Synopsis: Edgy and risk taking

Compared to your 4w3 counterpart, you aren’t so obsessed with “career success” as a means to validating your individuality. This isn't to say that your dreams aren't wildly imaginative, of course they are, you're a four, but rather that you’d much rather “investigate” the vast enigma of your own creative capabilities than waste energy trying to compete with everybody else.

As a 4w5, your style is a bit more rough around the edges in the chicest way possible. Think deconstructed blazers and DIY embellishments. Surely you're a fan of the late and great Vivienne Westwood! You, 4w5's, are the kings and queens of radiating “fuck your status quo, I look sensational”.

Enneagram Four Fashion Recommendations

Goyo Kaftan

Stand out even in the most stylish crowds with our signature print kaftan.

The floor length kaftan with our in house designed retro print is a sure fire head turner, and an exciting statement piece for every fashion forward occasion. Ultra soft Ecovero fabric is made even more comfortable with a loose silhouette and simple wide v-neck, you'll never want to take it off.

Madonnina Scarf

Elevate your wardrobe with this timeless and exceptionally versatile accessory.

Our best selling Madonnina Tencel scarf is the ideal cruelty free and environmentally conscious silk scarf alternative. Subtly sheer Tencel is incredibly soft to the touch, and refreshingly breathable. Delicate to the eye while remaining strong and durable, it will be your most elegant go to accessory for countless years to come.

Each scarf has been lovingly hand roll hemmed in our Brisbane, AU studio.

Cherub Beaded and Embroidered Linen Set

The exclusive one-off cherub beaded and embroidered button up and high waisted shorts set is a monochromatic dream.

Painstakingly hand beaded and embroidered in house on Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified linen with an ultra soft custom print LENZING™ Ecovero Lining, this vintage meets modern cowboy inspired set was made for the fashion individualist.

Crafted lovingly in our Brisbane, Australia Design Studio.

Archangel Frock

An unusual piece for the fashion risk takers, the Archangel Frock carries an air of otherworldliness that lends well to looks both elegant and street style. Loose fit and unbelievably soft, you will need not sacrifice comfort for style.

Micro batch plant dyed in house on Luxurious and famously sustainable LENZING™ ecovero.

Crafted in our fashion studio, currently located in Brisbane, Australia.

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