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Nashville's Top 7 Vintage Shops

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Starland Vintage and Unusual storefront, storefront window displaying a wide ranging selection of vintage clothes, shoes and accessories.

Nashville: The Next Fashion Capital?

Known for its plaid button ups and cowboy boots, that Nashville TN (my home of 10 years) is a burgeoning fashion hot spot might come as a surprise to many.

In the last decade or so, this country music city has done its damndest to assert itself as the next fashion Mecca of the United States. This effort has seen it's shares of highs and lows, with it at points appearing right at the cusp of greatness, and at others hanging on to its emerging fashion scene for dear life (a sentiment we can all relate to, if not through these past few years especially.)

Local designers have put an emphasis on ethics and sustainability in their work, a key element to remember if you are to truly appreciate the slowness of Nashville fashion's development. With sustainability being key, you'd think that Nashville's vintage clothing scene would be absolutely thriving. Was this the case on my last trip home? Let's find out.

Nashville Vintage Stores - A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Unlike most places I've visited in the last decade, vintage shopping in Nashville is not a one stop shop experience. In this city, you cannot easily "make a day of it" and stroll from establishment to establishment, stop at a cute cafe, and carry on. The stores are not all lined up in one (or two, or three) conveniently curated neighborhood(s) catering to the vintage connoisseur, like say London or Tokyo. In this city, where the vintage shops are spattered one here, and one there, they make you work for it - just as I did, especially for you sweet reader, to bring you this Top 7 List!

Where to Shop

Vintage Clothing in Nashville

East Nashville

Of Nashville's vibrant neighborhoods, East Nashville is my top recommendation. It is vibrant and eclectic, a neighborhood known for its artistic community, diverse culture, historic homes, trendy bars, and thriving music scene - East Side is also the go to for sheer vintage quantity.

It was on a particularly warm November day that my partner, Jacopo, and I parked near Five Points and set out on foot. While the initial charm of this popular East Nashville intersection had me giddy, I was quickly disillusioned by the distance between shops, as well as by the realization that this would not be a charming stroll, but rather a tedious hike up Gallatin Avenue.

In hindsight, I would have taken the car from shop to shop (I really don't like driving), but we were already committed, and there was no going back.

1. The Hip Zipper

Hip zipper neighborhood, popular vintage clothing shop in East Nashville.  One of the most popular vintage stores in nashville.

Location: 1008 Forrest Ave, Nashville, Tn

Price Point $$$

Mens fashion vintage suits in historic Hip Zipper.

Our first stop along the way, The Hip Zipper, is a Music City institution.

Having first opened its doors in 1999, it is the oldest vintage clothing store in Nashville - and definitely one of the coolest. I found myself to be especially excited about their menswear selection, and in its kaleidoscope of psychedelic prints - not to mention that rad collection of suit sets. If you know me, you know that I'm in my mens blazer era.

2. Star Struck Vintage

Star Struck Vintage neighborhood, display with white and silver vintage shoes.  One platform heal with dice inside the heal.

Location: 604 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, Tn

Price Point $$$

Star Struck Vintage shelves with a great selection of leather jackets and cowboy boots.

One of our first stops in East Nashville, Star Struck Vintage stays true to that utilitarian southern aesthetic, with enough retro funk splashed in to keep me silently repeating to myself "this trip is for research, Sydney, not for shopping."

I do, in fact, wish I had bought that 70s shimmering sage green top with the pointed collar. C'est la vie.

Star Struck's selection of vintage leather goods was impressive, and very much the sort of style I imagine the outside world to enter Nashville in search of.

3. Black Shag Vintage

Black Shag vintage clothing store, a high end vintage clothing store in Nashville built out of an old firehouse.

Location: 1220 Gallatin Ave, Nashville Tn

Price Point $$$$

Vintage hat with pins and chain sitting in display case.

Black Shag Vintage has rung up some pretty polarizing reviews online. From where I stand, it's one of the coolest vintage stores that Nashville has to offer!

Old fire station turned vintage haven, Black Shag is rugged southern flare meets rock'n'roll. The interior in itself is impeccable, and while I found that most vintage stores in the area hadn't fully committed to any sort of aesthetic (Just "store" aesthetic, I guess?), Black Shag's decor alone makes it worth the trip!

Vintage jewelry including turquoise necklace and earrings in display case.

As far as the goods go, you can expect to find higher end (and yes, likely higher cost) vintage t shirts, jackets, brimmed hats, and what feels like a never-ending stream of turquoise jewelry, among other things.

All and all, a great vintage shop with a stellar staff.

4. Anaconda Vintage

Anaconda vintage clothes thrift stores, a rack of clothing blowing in the wind outside.

Location: 1062 E. Trinity Lane, Suite 101, Nashville, Tn

Price Point $

Anaconda vintage bolo ties.

Situated just behind Grimey's record store, Anaconda Vintage was the last stop on our East Nashville vintage hit list.

Known for its affordable prices, Anaconda stands out as a treasure trove for bargain hunters among Nashville's vintage stores.

A particular favorite of my time spent in Anaconda - their admirable selection of vintage bolo ties!

12 South

Another of Nashville's most lively neighborhoods, 12 South, is definitely worth a visit. More trendy and clean cut than the pre mentioned East Nashville, this neighborhood exudes a modern and upscale ambiance, boasting an array of chic boutiques, artisanal coffee shops, and upscale eateries. Its meticulously curated streets, lined with stylish storefronts and vibrant murals, create an inviting atmosphere perfect for a leisurely stroll or indulging in the latest culinary delights.

While there isn't nearly as much in terms of vintage as you'll find on the East Side, that which is up for grabs is some of the city's best!

5. Savant Vintage

Savant Vintage neighborhood in 12 South Nashville, an eccentric blue-grey store front with taxidermy in the window.

Location: 2302 12 South, Nashville Tn

Price Point $$$

Taxidermy ram in stunning window display at Nashville's best vintage store Savant Vintage.

A personal favorite from my time living in Nashville is the excitingly eclectic Savant Vintage. Overflowing with oddities and dripping with extravagance - opulent and just slightly creepy - almost like the home of someone's eccentric aunt. Indeed, this one is worth a visit.

I was disappointed to find that on this particular trip to 12 South, Savant was closed - despite being listed as open online. No stress though, a quick dip into the near by Five Daughter's Bakery for their famous cronuts was more than enough to lift my spirits.

6. Made Low

Inside Nashville best vintage streetwear brand Made Low, Sydney taking a photo in mirror standing in front of shelves of vintage sneakers and hoodies.

Location: 2009 Belmont Blvd, Nashville Tn

Price Point $$

Made Low glass hat display on countertop.

I was making my way from Bango Java coffee house towards Savant Vintage when a striking clean, white storefront caught my eye.

Made Low, just off of Belmont Avenue, is an absolutely killer curated vintage, streetwear, sneakers, and custom clothing brand - and a reasonably priced one at that.

The fashion curation in itself was impressive enough, but the cherry on top was Made Low's interior - sleek and homey with warm window lighting flooding in. It is easily one of the most inviting spaces in the Nashville fashion scene, and in my opinion, the city's best stop for street style.

On the way out, I was even lucky enough to run into @denise_elisabeth, Nashville wardrobe stylist and fellow O'More College of Fashion grad, tending to the shop! Fun fact, back in college we were in a fashion themed episode of Netflix's Top Grier together.

7. Starland Vintage and Unusual

Vibrant vintage store filled with mannequin heads, racks of colorful clothes, and huge neon sign reading "Greaser".

Location: 2110 8th Ave S, Nashville

Price Point $$

Levi's jeans on display in mens section of Starland Vintage and Unusual.

Formerly known as Pre to Post Modern, Starland Vintage is an ultra funky maximalist wonderland.

This dopamine drenched space is overflowing with funky costume clothing, Home Goods, eccentric furniture, costume Jewelry, dresses, vintage treasures, hats, toys, and pretty much anything else you can think of - including a wall of Playboy magazines from years past. I was particularly transfixed with their collection of bolo ties, as well of a rack of vintage lingerie - my usual go to.

As far as Nashville goes, this is hands down the best vintage shop for finding truly outrageous pieces, and if you only had time to check out one vintage clothing store in town, this would be my pick.

Nashville Vintage Shopping in Review

Nashville evening cityscape.

All in all, I think it's fair to say that Nashville has a long way to go to reach style icon status - and I am right here cheering them on!

While the city may not yet boast the seamless vintage shopping experience found in some metropolitan areas, its unique array of stores in neighborhoods like East Nashville and 12 South are emblematic of the city’s character. Despite the scattered layout, these vintage shops offer a glimpse into Nashville's creative spirit and growing fashion scene. As the city strives for recognition on the fashion map, its commitment to sustainability and individualistic style may just pave the way!

As for you, reader, how did you find my Nashville Top 7? Any stores you would have included? Any I should prune away? Let me know in the comments below!


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