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Revamp Your Wardrobe with These 6 Scarf Top Styling Tips

Updated: Mar 25

A collage of sustainable fashion designer Sydney Duncan modeling various scarf top looks with vegan silk scarves.

As the founder of a sustainable fashion brand, I'm always interested in pieces that offer versatility to the wardrobe. Pieces that, as long as you may have had them, always present opportunities to be molded into something new.

Simple basics are great, I love my comfy solid color blouses and trousers, but often it's a touch flare is that I'm after!

The accessory that's always up to the challenge? The forever in style silk scarf (or in the case of my pieces, eco-vegan silk scarves).

But… Isn’t Scarf Styling Difficult?

Styling a silk scarf might seem slightly intimidating if you're new to the medium, but in actuality, it's quite simple!

More than just luxurious accessories; they're versatile fashion pieces that can instantly elevate your look - and, with the right guidance, the process is totally stress free. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, make a bold statement, or even solve a practical fashion dilemma, a silk scarf is THE easy go-to solution.

For my latest style guide I've scoured the streets (and the internet) to bring you my top 6 favorite ways to wear a square scarf top.

You'll discover that the world of square scarves is not only approachable but also a playground for your creativity and personal expression. So, let's delve into the wonderful world of square scarves and unlock their potential to transform your fashion game effortlessly!

Before We Get Started

For the looks in this guide, I will be working solely with 90cm x 90cm scarves. While there are a variety of styles that can be achieved with a 180cm scarf or a long scarf, the looks achieved with 90cm scarves are my favorites.

As far as what to wear under your scarf - personally, I like to go braless. Alternatively, you are welcome to wear a strapless bra or slim bandeau underneath. It's simply a matter of how you're most comfortable!


That classic top with scarf combination

Model posing wearing psychedelic alien print strapless scarf top with vegan silk scarf

An incredibly simple yet striking choice, the classic strapless look is one of the best ways to wear your scarf if you're keen on truly showcasing its print. This style lets your scarf take the spotlight, becoming a statement piece in your ensemble.

What makes this choice particularly appealing is its versatility. You can effortlessly adapt it to a variety of outfits, from casual summer dresses to elegant evening gowns. The strapless look is understated yet impactful, adding a touch of elegance and charm to your attire without overwhelming it.

Fair warning, if you’re prone to strapless top slippage like I am (oh, the perils of being small chested), this look may need a bit of help holding up, some fashion tape perhaps, though I always just throw it on by itself and pray. Not the most effective technique for rowdy karaoke nights. If that sort of live-fast-dye-young life style is too intimidating for you, don’t stress, I’ve got other options further along in the guide that offer more support!

How to Tie:

  1. Fold your square scarf into a triangle.

  2. Wrap across upper chest and allow the pointed end to drape over the torso.

  3. Exhale so that your chest is at it’s smallest state, and tie the two opposite corners tight at the back.

Over a Blouse

Add a pop of print to your favorite outfit

Slow fashion designer Sydney Duncan wearing a scarf top over a cream high neck button up blouse and cream trousers.

This second adaptation is a sophisticated street style play on our more flirty first scarf top option. While the tie itself is the same, the simple act of layering elevates the outfit tenfold - from beach to editorial, just like that. Having worn my favorite blouses to death, this particular style has recently become my go to for reviving them. Try your hand at this scarf top style and to add a touch of intrigue to your more predictable outfits.

Pro Tip: Tuck the extra fabric from the front of your scarf into a pair of high waisted trousers for yet another very chic styling alternative.

How to Tie:

  1. Fold your square scarf into a triangle.

  2. Wrap over your button up blouse or shirt and across upper chest and allow the pointed end to drape over the torso.

  3. Exhale so that your chest is at its smallest state, and tie the two opposite corners tight at the back.

Knotted Bandeau

For that beach ready look

Model in confident pose wearing scarf top beach look with red and pink scarf.

Scarf top #3 once again revises our base look, simply turning it 180 degrees to create a beach approved bandeau.

This scarf top style is not only a sexy option, but one that still manages to beautifully display your scarf print, particularly from behind - business in the front, party in the back, so to speak. It's a strong warm-climate look that transitions effortlessly from the shoreline to a beachside bar or a casual seaside dinner. Whether you're strolling along the shoreline, or simply savoring the summer vibes, the beach-approved bandeau scarf top is a confident and unforgettable choice that will make you stand out in any beachfront setting.

How to Tie:

  1. Fold your square scarf into a triangle.

  2. With the flat edge facing up, place the scarf across your back, bringing the long ends to your chest.

  3. Exhale, and tie the two opposite corners tight at the chest in between your breasts so that everything you want covered, is covered.

Pro Tip: Add a strapless bra as a base to provide more stability.

Y2K Pop Star Style

Feel like the performer you were born to be at your next karaoke night

Sydney posing with arms above her head wearing sexy y2k scarf sop with "Sydney Duncan" logo across the hem.

If you're feeling bold and ready to make a statement, elevate your beach or nightclub look with the incredibly sexy over-the-collarbone and around-the-neck scarf top look. This daring style not only exudes confidence but also brings a sense of allure and sensuality to your aesthetic.

It's a style that accentuates your neckline and shoulders, drawing attention to your curves while maintaining an air of sophistication. Furthermore, this style highlights the powerful notion that fashion is not just about what you wear; it's about how you wear it. It's a celebration of your confidence and your willingness to embrace bold, avant-garde styles that push the boundaries of traditional attire.

If you’re ready to turn heads, consider the over-the-collarbone and around-the-neck scarf top look for your next unforgettable style moment.

How to Tie:

  1. Fold your square scarf into a triangle.

  2. With the flat edge facing up, place the scarf across your back, bringing the long ends to your chest.

  3. Now, cross the two long ends of your scarf across your chest so that your breasts are covered, and bring said ends up and behind your neck.

  4. Finally, tie the loose ends at the back of your neck.

Single Shoulder

One for the sophisticated ladies

Sydney standing with arms behind head wearing elegant single shoulder scarf top look with a pink dragon print scarf.

The single shoulder scarf tie is a fashion-forward choice that exudes sophistication, making it a standout option for a cocktail party or other upscale event demanding style. It offers a unique and elegant twist to your outfit, allowing you to stand out effortlessly in a sea of strapless styles.

This scarf top styling method is not only chic but also practical. For those who find strapless dresses or tops a bit challenging to manage, the single shoulder scarf tie comes to the rescue! It ensures that your outfit stays securely in place, offering both comfort and confidence throughout the evening - and nothing is sexier than that!

What sets this style apart is its ability to strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary. It's a nod to timeless Hollywood glamour while embracing a modern approach to fashion. The scarf draped over one shoulder creates a captivating asymmetry, drawing attention to your neckline and collarbone.

To tie a scarf in this fashion is not overly complicated, but it does require a few more steps than most other scarf top methods.

How to Tie:

  1. Fold your square scarf in half into a triangle

  2. With the folded edge up, position the widest point of the triangle under your arm at the right side of your torso, and bring the two ends around your torso to your left shoulder.

  3. Cross the long ends under your left underarm and bring up around your left shoulder.

  4. Once over the one shoulder, tie knot.

Necklace Halter Crop Top

The slip-proof style

Sydney wearing a scarf top in the style of a halter top, kept in place at the neck by a simple necklace.

The Necklace Halter Crop Top presents a cool opportunity for even more customization of your scarf top look! For this particular tying method, the scarf itself is only one ingredient - you’ll also need a little assistance from a short and sturdy necklace of your choice, or even a 45cm scarf if you have one handy.

What sets the Necklace Halter Crop Top apart is its fusion of fashion elements. It's a harmonious blend of luxurious textile, intricate scarf patterns, and the statement-making presence of a necklace. This combination not only showcases your unique style but also underscores your creativity and willingness to experiment with fashion.

Whether you're attending a chic soirée, an art gallery opening, or a trendy rooftop gathering, this scarf top adds an element of sophistication to your ensemble. It's an ensemble that not only catches the eye but also sparks conversations about your sense of style and your ability to push fashion boundaries.

How to Tie:

  1. First put on a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing necklace, preferably one that falls somewhere around the collarbone.

  2. Fold your scarf into a large triangle.

  3. Taking the two widest ends of the triangle, tie a knot around the necklace at your center front - this knot will be tucked in so that it is not visible from the outside.

  4. Now, take the two long ends of the scarf triangle and wrap them around your torso to tie at your lower back.


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