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Style Time Capsules: Rome's Must-See Vintage Shopping

Updated: Feb 22

Top 6 Vintage Shops Rome Has to Offer

Sustainable fashion vintage store in Rome Italy with portrait of Virgin Mary and Jesus hung on wall between shelves of vintage purses.

Woven between ancient ruins and bustling gelatorias lies a vintage enthusiast's haven.

Rome's vintage fashion scene isn't one too flashy nature, but it's alluring all the same. Modest storefronts of just one or two rooms, Italian leather bags hung below oil paintings, wooden tabletops blanketed by assortments of designer accessories - sophisticated, yet understated.

Navigating vintage fashion industry of the Eternal City, with its labyrinthine alleys and charming corners, can feel like a full fledged expedition. To ensure your journey is a delightful rather than an overwhelming quest, I've curated a refined selection of the city's top vintage must-visits.

Join me as we unveil Rome's finest vintage stores, offering not just fashion but a journey through time, style, and culture.

Where to Shop

Vintage Clothing in Rome

1. King Size Vintage

Portrait of Virgin Mary and Jesus in front of vintage purses.

Location: Via Leonina, 78, 00184 Roma RM

Price Point $$$

Best For: A Rustic Italian Vintage Experience

Display of retro white and pink roller skates and vintage Italian leather shoes.

The photos I saw online for this particular vintage boutique didn't exactly draw me in. In fact, I had opted out of visiting King Size Vintage all together, when by chance, I wandered past it. I peeked inside, and lo and behold, a stunning collection of rather Italianesque hand bags, heals, dresses, and much more.

For a rustic vintage shopping experience, senz the bells and whistles of more contemporary vintage shopping - this is the place.

2. Mercantile

Coats, jackets,  and purses displayed in Rome Italy's Mercantile Vintage store.

Location: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 190-192

Price Point $$$

Best For: A Little Bit of Everything

Store with various store displays of vintage clothes, including wool sweaters.

This particular vintage shop surprised me with not one, but two locations, both located fairly near to one another. The first location, situated directly next door to Humana Vintage, boasted upscale street style fashion at a hefty price point (for example, a purple Stone Island wind breaker for a whopping 480 euros). A more reasonably priced accumulation of Levi's jeans sat at 29 euros a pop - but I'm not much for vintage denim.

Vintage leather vests hanging from wall.

I, on the other hand, was more drawn to the eclectic (and affordable) selection of the brand's alternate storefront. Five glorious rooms, brimming with everything from cozy wool sweaters to retro workwear jumpsuits. Indeed, it fit my style to a T!

3. Humana Vintage

Racks of clothing in Rome, Italy thrift store Humana Vintage.

Location: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 199, 00186 Roma RM

Price Point $

Best For: Bargains

Overhead shot of wracks of clothing in Rome thrift store.

More like a thrift store than tried and true vintage, Humana still had a lot to offer - and at an absolute fraction of the price of other vintage clothing stores I had wandered into on this particular trip.

While from a collector's perspective, I don't know that Humana is at the top of my list, these low prices are undeniable... and what's more exciting than vintage finds? Affordable vintage finds.

4. Ciao Vintage

Antique gold and crystal chandeliers hanging from wooden ceilings next to vintage designer handbags hanging from walls.

Location: Via del Governo Vecchio, 71, 00186 Roma RM

Price Point $$$$

Best For: Vintage Designer and Luxury

Lovely shop "Ciao Vintage" filled with antique and designer shoes and accessories and clothes. On wall a portrait of a nude woman hangs next to a deep green jacket.

From floor to ceiling, Ciao Vintage dripped with elegance. Designer clothing and jewelry laced the walls, while decadent chandlers hang overhead. On one table Fendi Sunglasses sit perched neatly in front of Chanel earrings. On another, a sea of shimmering broaches, pearl necklaces, and diamond encrusted bracelets. One of my favorite details, the framed antiques paintings which conveyed the shop's essence so perfectly.

As customers came and went, the shop owner kept a close watch, ensuring that such costly pieces would not become victim to those sticky fingers which Rome has become reputable for.

Make no mistake, Ciao is certainly no place for budget shoppers, but there is no arguing that their prices reflect quality.

5. Vestiti Usati Cinzia

Vintage clothes on hangers and glass case of costume jewelry and accessories in eclectic Rome Italy vintage store, Vestiti Usati Cinzia

Location: Via del Governo Vecchio, 45, 00186 Roma RM

Price Point $$$

Best for: Retro Flare

Narrow vintage storefront filled with vibrant costume clothing.

The icing on top of a vintage shopping day well spent, Vestiti Usati Cinzia was truly the creme de la creme when it came to retro "wow" factor.

Vintage pieces with wild prints, sunglasses of all shapes and colors, this stop was the quirkiest on my stroll through the Eternal City - and I was absolutely eating it up!

While the name implies that it is merely a second hand clothing store, "Vestiti Usati" translating directly to "Used Clothes", Cinzia is bonafide vintage magic!

6. Twice Vintage Shop

Racks of clothing and shelves of second hand shoes inside one of the best shopping experiences  in Rome Italy, Twice Vintage Shop.

Location: 604 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, Tn

Price Point $$$

Best For: Nostalgic Buys

Two pair of vintage shoes / high heals in lavender on wooden shelf, in front of woman's hand reaching for purse.

The last stop on my vintage journey through this enchanting city, Twice Vintage Shop, did well it's job of leaving me both satisfied, and eager for more!

Bookshelves filled with vintage Italian leather handbags, blue button up shirt, and designer fashion boxes.

Arriving mere minutes before closing time, I rushed inside, eager to soak in every shoe shelf, every clothing rack, and every bit of retro decor, all "al volo" or "on the fly" as the Italians say (this more likely refers to throwing back a quick shot of espresso, though I felt it well suited my particular situation).

It was Cary Grant meets 90s nostalgia, an unexpected world of vintage items both playful and sophisticated. It was, in essence, exactly how I had hoped that this Roman adventure would come to an end.


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