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Tokyo's Top 14 Places for Vintage Shopping

Updated: May 23

Woman on bike shopping for vintage clothes at A Little Trip To Heaven vintage store in Shimokitazawa Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan is a vintage fashion collector’s dream, but the sheer scope of the city can easily make shopping in Tokyo overwhelming... if you aren't prepared! To help you find the best vintage clothes minus the stress, I've narrowed the endless selection of Tokyo vintage shops (including some hidden gems) down to a solid 15 must visit, what to expect, and how much it's going to cost you.

Is Thrifting in Japan Expensive?

The price point for Tokyo, Japan vintage shops and thrift stores ranges quite significantly, with some shops sporting things like vintage t-shirts and jeans in the $100 USD range, as well as coveted designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel with the hefty price tags you would expect. On the other hand, many of the more exciting stores were actually quite reasonable. In fact, the majority of what I found had price tags under the $50 USD mark, as well as some legendary designer brands for under $100 USD!


Harajuku, the famous eclectic fashion neighborhood of Tokyo, is what feels like a never ending stretch of exciting modern and vintage fashions. It is a Japanese style wonderland that you’ll love getting lost in, with every turn leading you down another narrow street brimming with treasures.

1. Chicago

Vintage store chain Chicago in Harajuku Tokyo Suburb.

Price Point: $$

If you Like: Vintage kimonos, clothing for men and women

Vintage kimonos for sale in Harajuku Tokyo

Vintage kimonos galore!!!

A shop with multiple locations across Harajuku, Chicago has done a number on my pocketbook, I’m not ashamed to admit it. One of the few places on this list offering traditional Japanese clothing, their wide selection of kimonos is jaw dropping. While they do offer many expensive options if that’s your MO, they have an equally large selection falling under the $50 usd! Now that's a great price for a kick ass kimono!

The excitement doesn’t end with kimonos though, with the multi-room storefronts offering a plethora of both mens and women’s options from your typical American 90s looks, to stylish workwear, and beyond.

This store is a must visit!

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2. Flamingo

Entrance to popular vintage store, Flamingo, in Harajuku Tokyo.

Price point: $$

If you Like: Mens and women’s fashion through the decades

If you’re after an exciting show of bold vintage styles, then the cool Harajuku store Flamingo does not disappoint. In a time where 90’s has taken over in a very unpleasantly excessive way, Flamingo continues to offer a little bit of everything, just how I like it!

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3. Kinji Used Clothing

Used clothes store Kinji.

Price Point: $$

If you Like: American style 90s, 90s toys, shoes, sneakers, denim, popular brands, and 90s toys

Vintage red workwear jump suit found in Japan.

My initial feeling upon stepping into this store was overwhelm. It is a TON of clothing, primarily American 90s style, pilled into racks and racks of narrow passageways. It didn't feel so much like a vintage shop, but as far as thrift stores go, it was a big win!

I was especially transfixed with the wide selection monochromatic full body workwear, but the shop had a pretty substantial selection of mens and women’s clothing in virtually every day wear category, as well as an impressive collection of old toys!

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4.Harajuku Street

Locally owned vintage store on Harajuku Street called Bud.

Price Point: $$$$

If you Like: denim, sneakers, 90s 90s 90s

Okay… I’ll level with you. In this, the year 2023, I am not impressed with the lazy ass American 90’s persona that the majority of Harajuku vintage shops have taken on. It isn’t “vintage”, it is simply “used clothes priced like new clothes”, and if I see one more table of slightly used Ralph Lauren’s, I might become hysterical. Maybe this is a controversial opinion.

Regardless, for a string of vintage shopping in smaller storefronts, and if you've got a bigger budget, give Harajuku Street a shot (yes, I've clumped all of the stores on this street together).


One of the best hidden gem vintage shops in Japan, Slow Vintage.

Price: $$$

If you Like: Women's oldies but Goodies

While the majority of Tokyo vintage stores are currently under occupation by the 90’s, I was relieved to see that this hidden gem still held true to its old school vintage feel. It is a beautiful store, offering even a selection of truly vintage women’s hats, circa 1920s.



It seemed impossible to me that Harajuku could be topped in terms of vintage apparel, but given how disappointing the 2023 selection had been (go fuck yourself Ralph), I hopped on the train and headed east. Maybe if I got slightly further from the touristic city center, the selection wouldn’t be so over-picked. This hunch was not only correct, but I’d go as far as saying that Shimokitazawa’s vintage game blew Shinjuku out of the water.

Shimokitazawa in Tokyo's eastern region is the biggest vintage shopping neighborhood in Tokyo. Its cool and quirky narrow streets were like something out of a dream, like a hot singles mixer for vintage shops and charming cafes. It was, in short, one of the best vintage shopping experience of my life.

6. New York Joe

Vintage Apparel in popular Tokyo hipster suburb Shimokitazawa, New York Joe Exchange.

Price: $$

If you like: Mens and women’s vintage through the decades

Rows of used clothing from the 90s, 80s, and 70s.

An old Japanese bathhouse turned shopping paradise, New York Joe was the first shops I stoped at on my hunt for Shimokitazawa vintage. Oh baby, let me tell you, it did not disappoint. In the end I left with only one treasure, a pair of (80s?) white retro futurism sunglasses. They’re UNREAL. And as it turns out, New York Joe was only the beginning of Shimokitazawa’s fashion magic.

Amendment: Sellers beware - I’ve read many reviews from Tokyo locals trying to sell their vintage to New York Joe that they were pretty brutally scammed. Have your vintage appraised at your own risk.

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