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"Rodin’s Inferno" Mini 45cm Scarf

"Rodin’s Inferno" Mini 45cm Scarf


A miniature alternative to our most popular scarf in the collection, Rodin's inferno is the versatile statement piece ready to enhance any and every look in your wardrobe!


Crafted consciously with extraordinarily soft and subtly sheer Tencel textile.  This dreamy accessory has been both hand drawn and authentically hand roll hemmed in the Milan, Italy studio.  Our vegan silk free scarves are small batch created with the fashion risk takers and revolutionists in mind.


Japanese dragons intertwine, exhaling a surrealist interpretation of Auguste Rodin’s iconic sculpture “The Kiss”.  This exquisite fusion of fantasy and human connection adds a touch of mystery, sensuality, and profound emotional depth to the piece.  Its bold and romantic imagery is a stylistic marriage of traditional Japanese woodblock printing and Western European Impressionist inspirations, an unconventional combination that captivates onlookers and draws them into the mesmerizing world which you embody.  Indulge in the beauty of this wearable art piece, and allow it to become a cherished symbol of your distinct style.

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