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"Madonnina" Medium Scarf 65cm

"Madonnina" Medium Scarf 65cm


Elevate your wardrobe with this timeless and exceptionally versatile accessory.


Our best selling Madonnina square scarf is the ideal cruelty free and environmentally conscious silk scarf alternative. Subtly sheer Tencel is incredibly soft to the touch, and refreshingly breathable. Delicate to the eye while remaining strong and durable, it will be your most elegant go to accessory for countless years to come.


Each scarf has been lovingly hand roll hemmed in our Milan, Italy studio.

The debut scarf print has been inspired by time spent in Milan Italy, home to my longterm partner (and primary photographer) Jacopo.  Our days there were filled with long (and I mean LONG) family meals, followed by hours of roaming and photographing the city.   I was inspired by the surreal detail within the sculpture and architecture (who wouldn't be), but also by the pigeons that made their way into nearly every photograph, and who were stunning in their own right.   

One story that has always stuck with me is of Jacopo's summers in the country's south, in Monte Sant'Angelo, Puglia, where his grandparents are natives, and how the elders would dress in their finest clothes each evening, only to stroll Monte’s narrow streets, taking care to stop and greet every neighbor along the way.    


At the core of the design is (unsurprisingly if you're familiar with my past work) The Virgin Mary, this particular interpretation being the Madonnina who is placed at the highest point of Milan's world famous Duomo.

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