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"Fermi's Paradox" Mini Scarf 45cm

"Fermi's Paradox" Mini Scarf 45cm


An easy to style miniature of the unusual statement piece "Fermi's Paradox".  This  45cm version is offered in it's original bold pink and chartreuse colorway, as well as a more neutral milkshake pink and blue-jade.


Crafted consciously with extraordinarily soft and subtly sheer Tencel textile.  This dreamy accessory has been both hand drawn and authentically hand roll hemmed in the Brisbane, AU studio.  Our vegan silk free scarves are small batch created with the fashion risk takers and revolutionists in mind.


Created for the fashion visionaries, Fermi’s Paradox is an ethereal dreamscape painted across airy textile. This unusual statement piece is a powerful examination of the curious relationship between the religious and the extraterrestrial.  Evoke a sense of transcendence and inspire conversations with a wearable art piece that redefines the boundaries of beauty and self expression. 

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