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6 Ethical Melbourne Based Clothing Brands and Boutiques

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Model for Melbourne based clothing and bedding brand, Suku Home, posed on mattress wearing orange hat, robe, and button up pajama shirt all in bold prints.
Photo for Suku Home by Jonathan Dytan

The Fashion Industry is a Shit Show

These Melbourne Clothes Brands and Boutiques are Changing That

Through ethical practices, sustainable materials, and a fervent commitment to influencing meaningful social change, these brands are rewriting the rules of clothing creation and consumption. In a world where 'fast' is the norm, they've chosen to embrace a slower, more intentional approach, taking bold styles and infusing them with purpose, lifting slow fashion to exhilarating new heights. They're not just brands; they're a counter-narrative, a rebellion against the status quo.

Conscious Fashion is about more than just organic cotton.

Finding brands that craft beautiful, lasting garments is a challenge enough. Yet, the essence of truly quality fashion transcends the confines of craftsmanship, and even of sustainability buzz words like organic and recycled. Honest to God "conscious" brands delve into the very fabric of society, the environment, and the places where they intersect, intertwining them in a dance that only truly sustainable fashion brands are bold enough to choreograph. These brands refuse to settle for superficial changes; they venture beyond the surface to embrace a holistic commitment to betterment.

These five clothing brands and boutiques don't merely tiptoe around the edges of responsibility; they plunge headfirst into the depths of change. Their narratives are written not just in seams and stitches, but in the empowerment of communities, the preservation of ecosystems, and the redefinition of what it means to produce, wear, and discard clothing. They view fashion as an art form with the power to communicate profound stories, carrying within its threads the values and aspirations of a more harmonious world.

Suku Home


6 Models wearing bold print Suku Home loungewear posed in a group triangle formation.
Photo for Suku Home by Jonathan Dytan

Melbourne founded Suku Home is a dreamy collage of bold color and print.

What began as a loungewear and bedding company has since evolved into an entire lifestyle brand - an elaborate homage to the tribal artwork of her childhood in Indonesia. Brand designer Christine Lafian honours her roots while blending contemporary style into her aesthetic, a delicate balance which graces us with a dreamy collage of electric color and print.

Through ethically sourced small scale production by Indonesean artisans, SUKU intends to connect communities across oceans through slow fairtrade practices. It is a brand built first on authenticity and connection - a gentile reminder to our “disposable” culture that our artisans and their stories possess deep value, and that their pieces are a lasting extension of the hands which crafted them.

More recently, Suku has expanded to offer a very cool and eclectic selection of ethically produced fashion and lifestyle labels crafted beyond Indonesia - further building on Laotian's vision of uniting the global community.

Error 404

Fitzroy North

Window display for Melbourne fashion storefront Error 404, home to unique pieces.

An homage to the free spirited, Error 404 is the ultimate alliance of edge and ethics.

Their aesthetic, very Y2K meets Cyber Punk, is one that elicits strong opinions - you love it, or you hate it, and I'm completely on board. Count me in doubly, because finding boutiques and brands with this level of boundary pushing flare that ALSO put people and the planet first, is next to impossible. Step into Error 404 and be blown away by their incredibly intentional selection of independent designers - both local and international.

This Melbourne based fashion outfitter isn't another soulless storefront, but an entire artist community building towards, as they best put it, "a healthier, more collaborative, forward-thinking planet."


Brighton and Armadale

A rack of brown, blue, white, and black clothing inside of Melbourne designer fashion labels boutique, Grace.

One for the lovers of designer fashion, Grace is Melbourne's go to for well established luxury brands leading the sustainable fashion movement.

The boutique's founder, Ilana Moses, is committed to instilling quality into every faucet of her brand - from the truly immaculate interiors of both her Brighton and Armadale locations, to the craftsmanship sewn into each hand selected investment piece displayed in store.

The old-school European glamour of Grace's storefronts offer sophisticated and understated backdrops to Grace's eclectic collection of international garments. While the brand is known for it's roster of long standing heritage brands, Moses isn't shy to give her vote of confidence to worthy up and coming names that pair well with her brand ethos.

The Social Studio

Collingwood Yards

Storefront of Melbourne based circular fashion label The Social Studio who stock fashion garments (garments from recycled materials) from local talent.

The Social Studio is an entire sustainable ecosystem in and of itself.

What first began a decade ago as a mission driven storefront selling upcycling fashion, has since evolved into a well respected, and incredibly multifaceted social enterprise.

The Social Studio stocks the work of exclusively BIPOC and culturally diverse creatives, stocking 50+ unique brands/designers, including work manufactured in their very own production house.

Every bit of profit feeds directly into their education programs: Fashion industry focused courses, workshops, traineeships, and more, all geared towards Melbourne's refugee and newly migrated communities.

Sister Studios


Model posing against floral wallpaper wearing Melbourne clothes brands Sister Studios cap and matching top and skirt set.

This Melbourne based slow fashion brand is using discarded textiles to craft chic and sexy womenswear.

Founders/designers Emma and Alice let their combined affinity for retro trends shine brightly through the Sister Studios brand aesthetic. It's a look that caters well to the style conscious Gen Z's, in its snug sheer and lacy silhouettes, and inincredibly Y2K detailing.

More than just trend conscious, Emma and Alice do their part to ensure that the Sister Studios environmental footprint is as light as possible. Through working with deadstock fabrics (textile which would have, in theory, been otherwise sent to landfill), designing patterns with minimal offcuts, and making the most of left over fabric scraps.

Nobody Denim


Model standing and posing in all white denim outfit from Melbourne clothing brand Nobody Denim.

It might surprise you to learn that the denim industry is trash.

"But Sydney, it's COTTON." Yeah, sure it is, but unfortunately being a natural fiber in itself doesn't equate to the holy grail of sustainability. Cotton, in fact, especially when inorganic and under regulated, involves excessive water consumption and pesticide use. This is not even to mentioned the chemical pollution from dying denim, which is notorious for disrupting entire ecosystems and poisoning water supplies all on its own.

Cue Nobody, the Melbourne based fashion label are renowned for their denim expertise.

Manufactured in alignment with Ethical Clothing Australia, Nobody's high quality denim clothing is produced almost entirely on sure. They've even been known to frequently hire graduates from Melbourne's refugee empowering social enterprise, The Social Studio!

Their materials go beyond eco friendly materials and are entirely traceable, from where they were grown on Australian soil, all the way until they've reached the form of a final product.

Nobody Denim's triple bottom line approach to business prioritizes much more than just their bottom dollar - it sees people and the planet as integral to their decision making and direction.


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