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Your Scarf Size Guide

Updated: Jun 11

What do the different scarf measurements mean, and which size is right for you?

Hands holding up a 65cm square scarf with an image of Milan Italy's Madoninna statue at the center.

When it comes to styling your square scarf, starting with the correct size scarf is crucial... but knowing which size you actually need can get confusing. Which size can be worn as the iconic scarf top, for instance, and which is better suited for an indie bandana look? Unless you've had hands on experience with each size, simply knowing the measurements "90cm" isn't exactly helpful.

To demystify the scarf styling process, I've created a simple guide to walk you through the three most popular scarf sizes. I've photographed them each to properly show their scale, and most importantly, I've laid out which popular styling techniques are recommended for each.

SMALL 45cm

Hands holding a small 45cm scarf to display its print, a pink and green motif of aliens and cherubs.

The dainty 45cm is your go-to, delicate finishing touch to any look.

It's just large enough to wrap around your head for a chic bandana. It is also perfect for a romantic and understated neck scarf, or even a flirty hair tie.

While the 45cm may lack the drama of the larger scarf size alternatives, its petite nature lends an air of elegance and sophistication. Its compact size allows for versatility in styling, effortlessly transitioning from a casual daytime accessory to a refined evening accent.



woman holding up cream, back, and peach Sydney Duncan scarf.  The print is composed of pigeons, hands, and the Virgin Mary.

The 65cm scarf is, as "medium" might suggest, that happy middle ground between our 45cm and 90cm options.

Just as the 45cm, the 65cm is petite enough to serve as an understated finishing touch to an outfit, a bandana or neck scarf for instance. Like the 90cm, however, it does have enough extra textile to serve a couple boom pow looks. That classic Jackie Kennedy scarf look, wrapped around the head and tied under the chin, is a style unique to the 65cm scarf.

If you happen to have a petit enough frame, the 65cm does also have enough fabric for a basic scarf top style (the model below has a bust measurement of 83cm. If you're more curvaceous, don't fret, the large 90cm scarf coming up next may be just what you're looking for!)


LARGE 90cm

Woman holding up a large 90cm scarf with a blue and jade Japanese dragon print and pink background.

The most versatile of all scarf sizes, the 90cm square scarf seems massive at first glance. However, you'd be surprised by exactly how much fabric it takes to achieve those classic headscarf styles!

Scarf tops, for instance, are exactly the sort of style that 90cm scarves are perfect for.

Dramatic old Hollywood headscarf looks are also attributed to the 90cm - everything from babushkas to flapper style turbans.

All and all, I would recommend the 90cm scarf to anyone looking for that fashion "wow factor"!


Happy Styling!

I consider myself somewhat of a scarf expert these days, but I'll admit, back when I was designing the first scarf in my collection, I didn't know a thing. In fact, it was my trials and errors with designing said scarf, The Madoninna 65cm, that sent me down this rabbit hole to begin with! I quickly realized that scarf styling wasn't as straight forward as I had assumes (let alone scarf designing), and that I wasn't alone in my confusion.

It's my hope that this guide was able to clarify all of your scarf sizing and styling questions - from scarf tops to bandannas. However, if I missed anything, please don't hesitate to ask in the comment section below!


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